Getting ready for the next economic crisis

Escrito el 24 octubre 2010 por Miguel Aguirre Uzquiano en Economía Global

When in many OCDE countries as Germany or US looks like the GDP is delivering increases similar to the ones previous to the subprime crisis it is time to think about how we are going to act in the future.  First of all is important to think about the possible scenarios that we are going to face during the next 2 years:

Perhaps we will be living a long boom where hundred of millions of the middle class citizens of the BRICs  will bring a huge demand for the industrialize countries.  Or as the economy goes in clycles from one oil crisis to the next, form one US depression to the Dotcom Boom,  it is very likeliy that we are just living a rehersal of the next bigger crisis.  There is a situation in the middle that will mean  that we should be familiar with the uncertainties and doubts.  That the next decades are going to be a wild ride where some markets and countries will be profitable and developing while others wont.

We can star acting as a individual and as a company in order to chouse our future path. We can react when the tide of the future economic events reach us or we can do nothing  and be dragged by the next crisis tide.  Which one is going to be your decision?


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