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Santiago Iñiguez, Dean and Professor of Strategy

I agree with Rafael’s advice of March 11th and 12th «¿Qué es un blog de economía? ¿Cómo hacer un blog de economía?» (Part 1 and Part 2), and would like to share my perspective, as well as some other noteworthy blogs about economics (and their Technorati ranking). The following paragraphs are taken from an article written by Asia Inc, where I described what blogging means to me. Perhaps I should mention that since then, the blog that I participate in has had visits in the hundreds of thousands.

“When talking about blogging in general I must point out that it has saved me time, made me more efficient and opened my eyes to a changing media, communication and management education landscape. Now I jot down potential ideas for posts, or sources of information when going about my daily business and reflecting on the events of the day, which helps me better shape and clarify my own ideas, making them easier to communicate. In fact, I use many of the posts and comments published in the blog — and their background research — later in meetings, speeches or presentations.” Indeed as you see, I am reusing this very own article.

“Blogging has produced an immense opportunity for networking. Interestingly, my experience is that most of the networking does not happen openly through participation in the blog but rather because many of the readers contact me via email to address the issues discussed or to deal with other particular concerns. It is extremely interesting to be in contact with students, professors, managers andjournalists from all continents, and reassuring that in many cases we are in similar situations and our solutions to common problems, more often than not, coincide. Moreover, blogging has generated many unexpected opportunities to speak at different conferences.”

“It has been said that a complaint is worth its weight in gold and I could not afford to let this opportunity of having an open channel to customer feedback go past — you could say it is free CRM.”

I would also like to share with readers some other noteworthy blogs that discuss Economic themes. First of all I would like to mention this collection of rankings of Economic Blogs and second, blogs (including their Technorati rankings) such as:
Becker-Posner, Econlog.econlib, Indian Economy, and Knowledge Problem.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Rafael and Co. have similar success.
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