Entradas Etiquetadas con ‘Indignación’


Spain´s Indignant Youth

Escrito el 14 junio 2011 por Gayle Allard en Economía española

The indignation of young Spaniards, which captured world attention last month, is the peaceful first step in a youth protest movement that is surprising only in how long it has taken to emerge. Policymakers must sit up and listen across Europe.

The young Spaniards camping out in central Madrid issued a moderate, vague manifesto voicing their indignation with “the political, economic and social panorama that surrounds us; with the corruption of politicians, businessmen, bankers…” They proclaimed a “right to housing, work, culture, health, education, political participation, free personal development, and … to consume the necessary goods for a healthy and happy life.” They protested that “the current functioning of our economic and government system does not address these priorities and is an obstacle for the progress of humanity.” Seguir leyendo…

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