The US in the International Trade

Escrito el 15 septiembre 2012 por Miguel Aguirre Uzquiano en Economía Global

On 2011 the country that lead the world merchandise exports was China(1.899 USD Billion) followed by the USA(1.481).  Regarding the same sources of the WTO, the later was the main merchandise importer (2.265 USD billion) and the first services exporter (578 USD billion) worldwide.  This year there are elections in the USA; hence it is relevant to analyze what are the possible implications of a change on the White House resident in the following months.

After four years with a main goal of reducing the huge current account deficit through a currency depreciated against the other convertible ones, we have a candidate, Mitt Romney, with a main objective of improving the domestic economy and reduce the high unemployment rate.

The motto of the republican candidate is I am a businessman and I know how to fix the economy.  Working in Bain Capital took part in huge successful company turnarounds as Staples, Ampad or Domino’s Pizza.  On the other side and looking his foreign policy guidelines he promised to be tough on enemies and economic competitors, embraced a potential Israeli attack againstIran, threatening trade penalties against China and calling for and end to negotiations with the Taliban inAfghanistan.

It has been said that the during the first term in the White House , the main goal of the President is local economy to be reelected,  while the second term –as a third term is non existent-is focused in international politics and global economy .

How do you think it will affect the international trade, relations with China or USD evolution a potential win of the Republican Candidate?


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