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Escrito el 22 agosto 2009 por Miguel Aguirre Uzquiano en Miscelánea

We are enjoying summer days, and there is a heat wave in many European countries that make us spend beach days, but after 6 or 7 in a row we look for a halt.  And what better way that going to the movies?

Once again one safe ticket for investors has been the last Pixar movie: UP.  It has already reached more than 400M USD in worldwide tickets and there are still some weeks of the summer ahead.

Last year adult attempt to make and adult film with animation had a lot of critical acclamation but scarce commercial success: Waltz with Bashir.

It sold 10M USD in tickets worldwide. This Israel movie even had an Academy nomination and a Golden Globe Award –first time for an animated movie-, and I bet most of the readers do not even know its existence.

Like all Israel films the film was banned in most Arab countries, what in my opinion is a mistake because in gives a very critical view and the role of the Israeli army over the Sabra and Satila masacress in 1982.  One of the reasons this movie hasn’t cause more praise against the critics of the Palestinian policy of the Israel government is because is animated and hence saw as a lesser product with a minor impact.

Since 1995 , Pixar has developed 10 commercial and critical success films and year after year, Disney –now owner of the company- does what has been doing since 1923 : family friendly products, well developed and with great success

Is it possible to develop an adult film with animation? Is it perhaps a better chance –than using actors- to show war consequences – as in Waltz? 


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