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Escrito el 3 mayo 2011 por Miguel Aguirre Uzquiano en Miscelánea

Not only is the Marvel Company providing the most successful movie of this long weekend with Thor, but also is joining efforts with the Mayor of New York to help unemployed people get a fresh star.

After the milestone that meant having some months ago, the actual President of the USA in his comic the amazing Spiderman teams up now with the Mayor Bloomberg.  This comic, which features an unemployed Peter Parker (the web slinger alter ego) starting his job search, is New York City´s latest effort to connect out of work New Yorkers to job training and placement services though Workforce 1 Career Centers, libraries and other City services.  Instead of relying on the Unions in the Big Apple they have created Workforce1 Career Centers, which are located throughout the five boroughs, and provide New York jobseekers with a full array of free employment services, including job preparation, training and job placement in a professional setting.  “Spiderman, You´re Hired” is available for free on the Marvel Comics app and the City´s website, NYC.gov!


The unemployment is nothing to joke about but this is quite an unique initiative to promote public aid for job seekers and to make the young kids aware of the actual labor situation that their parents and relatives are suffering.  In many European countries to have a comic character promoting employment would be unthinkable.  With the figures that we are facing in the south of the old continent every effort counts.  The final point is if some idea promoted by a very successful company and a Mayor who has his own history as an entrepreneur is more likeable that all the initiatives implemented and made up the last three years  by Union  and political leaders  that  have never created a single job .


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