The young ones :A future no so uncertain

Escrito el 21 febrero 2010 por Miguel Aguirre Uzquiano en Unión Europea

One of the main point of our economic system is the chance for each generation of improve their living conditions in comparasion with their parents.

The “european dream” has been to achieve better education, knowledge of different languages, travel abroad and the chance to achieve better employments, salaries, hence standard of living.

There has not been a generation in the last century who have not profited of better living conditions that the former ones.  Nowadays that the 40 and 50something are worrying about their retirement funds and the health of the wealfare state we could find thousands of europerans in their 20s and 30s that are facing a low salary, huge unemployment and what seems like a dark future.

After the different etiquettes gave to generations: Y, X, … now it comes what is called ni-ni : no job no studies. The OECD says there is a 14% of the Spanish young ones between 16 and 24 that do not have a project or goal to reach.

When we see what happens with the economic situation of Greece we have to remember that in 2009 Greek police shooted a 15 year old boy in Athens triggered by week of riots of disappointed young ones.  What was the spark that lighted the flame? The complaints regarding the flexibility labour conditions that young workers have to face in Greece (and in many European countries).

Youth unemployment across the EU is significantly higher (17% for 25 and under) that in global population (7,6%).  The situation is different from one country to another: German companies tend to hire workers at an early age while Spanish ones prefere temporary contracts.

It is important to try to reach a positive approach for the future , thinking that within some years the unemployment figures will decrease, the kwowledge and training of the young generations make them more willing to face challenges and that european joung ones have to adapt their expectations to the reality.  The Brics young ones have been born in countries where the effort and hard work was something necessary and basic.  In other countries the youth was born in an era of abundance and the expectations perhaps were just too high.


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