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A story-telling challenge

The master programs from IE School of Communication immerse students in the practice of story-telling as the crucial dynamic to communicate strategically & creatively in a network society. With this mindset we encourage individuals to put in practice their story-telling skills by answering one of these two questions:

«How should global corporations communicate with local bloggers?»

«How is the economic downturn affecting you community?»

There will be two winners!, & each winner will receive a scholarship applicable on tuition fees for any of these master programs: Master in Corporate Communication or Master in Economics & Business Journalism. You can choose the challenge that relates to the program of your interest. There are two formats of participation: a 500 words essay or a 10 minute video uploaded on YouTube. Projects are to be published on a blog before being submitted.

Deadline: 20th of June 2010 (at 17.00 CEST)

Good luck!

http://competition.mccmebj.ie.edu [1]